Why Advertise with Coffee News®?

The reason why Coffee News® is so successful is because it is good for everybody and everything it touches. Even other media services gain by getting better results for their advertisers if their advertisers also advertise in Coffee News®.


It provides a few minutes of light reading while the order is taken and the meal is prepared. Since most patrons can read Coffee News® in about eight minutes, they have plenty of time to read all the ads as well. Coffee News® works!


Surveys have shown that each Coffee News® is read five to seven times in local restaurants: readers are encouraged, since it’s FREE, to either take it with them or return it to the stand for others to enjoy. Every week a new issue is delivered to the rack and old copies are recycled.


Restaurants no longer need to buy several local papers for their patrons. They can now provide Coffee News® as a no cost substitute for patrons who demand something to read while eating. Since patrons enjoy Coffee News®, restaurants enjoy repeat business.

Ads are less expensive than other print media, so the small business person can easily afford to advertise regularly.


All ads are exclusive, which means no other company in their category can advertise at the same time. ADVERTISERS CAN KEEP THEIR COMPETITION OUT! Small businesses appreciate this bonus


Ads can be changed weekly via e-mail or phone.Ads are working three meals per day - seven days per week. Consistency brings results!


It provides for the Repetition of your advertising that is needed to establish buyer patterns at low cost!


It attracts loyal customers rather than aiming at bargain hunters.


Coffee News® has a proven track record. Further, some advertisers remain on a waiting list for several years once they discover the kind of results Coffee News® actually gets.The ads are rotated every week so each advertiser always has the choicest spot! Small ads often are obscured in other print media because the big buck advertisers get better placement.

Coffee News Readers

*Age Demographics:

31% are: Age 55 or over

43% are: Age 30-54

26% are: Age 18-34

*Age Demographics:

65% are Women

35% are Men

*Based on Contest Entries

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